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Welcome to the UK's premier medical cosmetics company.

You Are Beautiful. Discover the dynamic new you, with simple, safe treatments using medical strength wrinkle relaxing injections, Restylane, Perlane, and other medical cosmetics. We can also assist you with rejuvenation and antiaging treatments. Call us now on 0845 643 2008 to find the best practitioner in your area.


"After spending a fortune on a variety of lip-plumping products, with virtually no results, I decided to have a Restylane Lipp treatment done by a You Are Beautiful practitioner. The results were marvellous."
Ms B, client, Face and Body Clinic, Edinburgh

"I've had Restylane treatment twice for nose-to-mouth lines and was hugely impressed with the almost instant results. Apart from slight redness around the area for a few hours, there were no adverse effects at all. I instantly looked much younger. Even my children and husband noticed, and that's saying a lot!"
Janice, client, SanoSpa, Clarkston, Glasgow

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Lips You'll Love
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Skin Rejuvenation
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